Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer TY8800
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Product Introduction

Multi-parameter online automatic water quality monitor, suitable for long-term field online monitoring, can measure up to 7 parameters at the same time, including: temperature, depth, PH, ORP, conductance & salinity &TDS, turbidity, DO, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, ammonia nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen, chloride ion, fluorine ion. Bluetooth module, battery pack, manual operator and other accessories are also available. Easy to realize the portable measurement instrument.

Main Features:

ü  Optional self-cleaning system can make the product obtain accurate data for a long time;

ü  When used with the platform software, the data can be seen and collected in real time and corrected. 49,000 test records can be recorded (6-16 probe data can be recorded each time);

ü  Modbus(RS-485) standard output, can be connected with third-party data logger or remote device connection, only need to connect with the existing recording network, can be simple combination;

ü  Equipped with various lengths of extension cables, these cables can support internal and external stretching, cable support up to 20 kg load bearing;

ü  Electrode can be replaced directly on site, simple and fast maintenance;

ü  The sampling interval can be set flexibly, and the working/sleeping time can be optimized to reduce the overall power consumption.

ü  Sensor power supply positive and negative reverse connection protection;

ü  The sensor RS485A/B is improperly connected to power supply protection.

Typical Applications

ü  On-line monitoring of water quality in rivers, lakes and reservoirs;

ü  On-line monitoring of water quality of drinking water source;

ü  On-line monitoring of groundwater quality;

ü  Online monitoring of Marine water quality;

ü  Online monitoring of water quality of underground pipe network.

Parameter range (select sensors with different ranges according to different water quality) :

ü  pH 0.01 ~ 14.00pH; PH 0.05 mm

ü  Electrical conductivity 0.01 ~ 30000μs/cm; Plus or minus 1% F.S

ü  Turbidity 0.01 ~ 20.00NTU; Plus or minus 1% F.S

ü  Residual chlorine 0.01-5.00 mg/L; Plus or minus 1% F.S

ü  Dissolved oxygen 0.01-20.0 mg/L; Plus or minus 1% F.S

ü  Temperature 0.1 ~ 100.0℃; Plus or minus 0.3 ℃

ü  System output RS485 MODBUS RTU;RS232 MODBUS RTU;4-20 MA or DTU remote transmission

ü  The default installation mode is vertical

ü  Process connection water sample inlet fast card or standard G1/2

ü  Outlet fast card or standard G1/2

ü  The weight is about 45KG

ü  It is 1470*500*400mm

ü  Water sample temperature 5 ~ 40℃

ü  The sample flow rate was 400 ~ 600mL/min

ü  Protection level IP54

ü  Power supply 100 ~ 240VAC or other customized

The power consumption is about 3W

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