Gas producer processing gas monitoring solution
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Gas producer processing gas monitoring solution

The gasification process of coal is a thermochemical process. It is a process in which coal or coal coke and gasifiers (air, oxygen, water vapor, hydrogen, etc.) undergo a chemical reaction at high temperatures to convert organic matter in coal or coal coke to coal gas. This process is a complex heterogeneous physico-chemical process performed at high temperature and pressure. Almost all organic substances contained in coal can be utilized by the coal gasification method, which is an important way to obtain basic organic chemical industrial raw materials.
24-hour online syngas analysis system TY-8330 consists of online continuous syngas analyser, gas conditioning system, washing system, PLC system, industrial computer system(optional). It can measure CH4,CO2,CO,CnHm,O2 and H2 at the same time in one unit, and calculating heating value in MJ/M3 or Kal/m3. It has water bubbler washing system to remove tar, and gas cooler as well as two precise filters to remove moisture and dust. All the measurement data and system status can be transited the centre control system by 4-20mA, RS485 or PLC system.


Monitoring site


Gas composition and range

Sampling probe

Gas analyzer

Monitoring system


Electric coke catcher inlet

Safety monitoring


High-temperature sampling probe


Electric coke catcher syngas analysis system TY-8332


Electric coke catcher outlet

Heating value monitoring;

Combustion optimization control







Straight tube sampling probe

Producer syngas analysis system TY-8332

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The company has strong R & D capabilities covering the entire industry chain. It is a research and development type gas analyzer enterprise that integrates sensor R & D and production, instrumentation R & D and production, gas online analysis system R & D and production, and on-site operation and maintenance services.

The company's current main businesses include: smart industry, environmental and safety monitoring and management, smart laboratories, and smart grids. Focus on providing advanced technology application services and solutions for users in various industries. The company has a strong R & D, marketing, application service and supply chain team, dedicated to the research and application development of various cutting-edge analysis and detection technologies in the industry. Products are widely used in environmental protection metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, energy, food, agriculture, transportation, water conservancy, construction, pharmaceutical, brewing and scientific research and many other industries.
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The company has established a complete marketing and service network, and a 7 * 24-hour free customer service hotline provides customers with 360 ° comprehensive high-quality services from consulting, solution design, construction, and after-sales service to the "full life cycle".

The company sincerely invites all sectors of the community to jointly develop online gas monitoring applications.