Happy New Year! A new journey with the world in 2020

The years are as good as the new ones. 2019 is a thing of the past, and 2020 is expected. On the occasion of welcoming the old and the new, all employees of Tianyu Zhikong wish you a happy New Year!

Looking back on 2019, we will move forward and make new progress!

       This year, Tianyu Intelligent Control continued to increase its research and development efforts, obtained multiple certifications, patents and new products, and assisted in the efficient gas analysis. At the same time, Tianyu focuses on the monitoring of industrial gas concentration, and strives to develop related products to optimize process accuracy and improve efficiency.

       This year, Tianyu Intelligent Control provided technical support to many industrial industries, environmental protection industries, universities and research institutes, and continuously improved the safety, accuracy and stability of gas analysis instruments and systems.

       This year, Tianyu Intelligent Control continued to serve various types of gas analysis sites, providing online gas analyzers, portable gas analyzers, online gas analysis systems, and other products and services and solutions to meet customer optimization processes and safety monitoring , Environmental monitoring, fine experiments and other needs, to help users achieve optimized processes, safety monitoring and process test verification. At the same time, Tian Yu has also expanded its business to various fields to achieve a steady increase in corporate sales performance.


Looking ahead to 2020, do n’t forget the original heart and forge ahead bravely

       Tianyu Intelligent Control will continue to focus on the field of gas analysis, adhere to the people-oriented, and create its own unique corporate culture; innovative development ideas, continuous refinement of R & D capabilities, launch more innovative products, and at the same time give full play to professional technical advantages and continuously improve business To provide safer and smarter products for enterprises, units and individuals, and serve users in all fields with higher standards, and promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of enterprises.

       2020, the new beginning of the new year! We join hands with all walks of life to make a new journey with the world! We look forward to walking with technology and win-win with the industry! May the new year prevail over the old!

       Finally, thanks to the partners and customers who have been providing great support for the company's development! During this good period, Tian Yu Zhikong wishes you and your family to be happy every year, and everything is a win!

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