Transformer dissolved gas monitoring system
Dissolved gas workflow

On-line Dissolved Gas Analysis technology is an important method for on-line monitoring of the operating status of oil-filled power equipment such as transformers, and is also an inevitable requirement for the maintenance of power equipment such as transformers. By performing oil and gas separation and quantitative analysis on the faulty gas (CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, CO, CO2, H2) dissolved in the transformer insulating oil, the operating status can be obtained to diagnose the fault.

Advanced technology High detection accuracy Reliable degassing Reliable performance Multiple data communications
Advanced technology This detector uses a good combination of semiconductor laser technology and photoacoustic spectroscopy technology for gas detection in transformers. The system has strong anti-interference ability, fast detection response speed, and good measurement repeatability. It uses a narrow-band DFB laser and balanced current pulse modulation. The technology is used in the field of transformer on-line monitoring to realize the wavelength debugging of the light source, which ensures the effective use of the output optical power of the laser, and solves the problems of other filter technologies that have serious cross interference due to the excessively wide spectrum.
High detection accuracy High-sensitivity trace gas detection technology, accurate and fast analysis and identification, and independent calculation of accurate calculation methods, the test results are more accurate. Usually, there are impurities in the sample of several hundred thousandths or several millionths. Identified; developed a photoacoustic spectrum detection system based on an active air cell structure, including an active air cell photoacoustic cell, microphone, photodetector, light source controller and control host; solved low measurement sensitivity Disadvantages such as cross interference and low reliability of mechanical modulation;
Reliable degassing The oil and gas separation method applying the principle of continuous equal volume oil return has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, simple process, adaptive degassing volume, stable and reliable operation, etc., which solves the degassing volume and real-time detection required for the photoacoustic spectrum detection principle. Key technologies such as high repeatability and reliable long-term operation;
Reliable performance The detection index meets the Class A standard of DL / T 1498.2-2016 "Technical Specifications for Online Monitoring Equipment for Transformer Equipment Part 2: Online Monitoring Device for Dissolved Gas in Transformer Oil", and the detection accuracy is better than the current level of similar products at home and abroad.
Multiple data communications Provide a variety of data communication methods, which can be customized according to user requirements, support IEC61850, and can also be uploaded to the detection server by SMS to achieve true unattended.
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